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A divorce is the legal termination of  a matrimonial relationship. Divorces often result in a multitude of emotional, parental and financial crises.

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Legal Separation

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

Unlike a divorce, a legal separation does not terminate a marriage.  A legal separation can provide you with a court order to protect your interests while living apart from your spouse.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Who Needs a Prenuptial Agreement?

The short answer is everyone contemplating marriage  should consider a prenuptial agreement.  In addition to protecting your assets in the event of divorce, it is also a great way to organize finances, and start your marriage on a sound financial bedrock.

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A divorce is the legal termination of a marital relationship. The severing of the ties that bind a family together can often bring with it difficult issues to resolve on the path to creating a new life and organization of an individual and their family.

These issues often manifest themselves in Custody Disputes, Disputes over Visitation and Access to children, the Allocation of Parental Rights, Personal and Real Property Disputes, Disputes over Marital Assets, Spousal Support or Alimony, and the Distribution of Debts.  

The breakdown and dissolution of the matrimonial relationship carries significant emotional, familial, financial and legal consequences. If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you should not hesitate to secure legal counsel.  

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