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At Forbes, Fields & Associates (FFA, we provide comprehensive Criminal Defense services in Northeast Ohio. If you've been charged with a crime, the entire weight of the State of Ohio is against you. The police officers, detectives, and prosecutors will do everything in their power to see to your conviction, and the maximum possible punishment; regardless of your guilt or innocence. You need aggressive and competent Criminal Defense lawyers to defend you whether you're facing a minor misdemeanor or first degree felony, . 

We pride ourselves in delivering comprehensive and effective representation in the Municipal and Common Pleas Courts of Northeast Ohio. We are always working in the best interests of our clients, and will advocate for the best outcome in a criminal case for our clients. Our representation does not end with the disposition of your criminal case. We can represent you in appeals courts, and also provide post conviction services such as criminal expungement. 

We believe in your constitutional rights to privacy, protection from unreasonable searches and seizure and to be free from excessive force. We will zealously defend your rights and fight back against the criminal justice system, if your rights were encroached as a result of any criminal investigation. 

The consequences of a criminal conviction can be extreme. You could lose your life, freedom, professional licenses, access to public assistance, financial aid, and some of your fundamental rights as an American citizen. Do not hesitate to contact effective and aggressive legal counsel if you have been charged in a criminal matter

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Have You Been Charged with a Crime?

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